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 NORYA TOOL AND MOLD LIMITED is specialized in manufacturing of plastic molds and plastic products; and mainly serving the automobile, home appliance, medical and electronics industries for high quality precision plastic molds and parts. NORYA based in China and Sales in the USA, UK, Sweden and so on. NORYA  forms a partnership with its customers to guide their products through design, prototype and into mass production.

 Regarding the management, our company is fully adopting ISO 9001:2000 management system. And from 2009, we proceeded with 5S on-site management.

NORYA TOOL AND MOLD LIMITED, whose goal is to deliver exceptional service and long-range economic benefit to its customers, will help you reduce costs. NORYA has committed to meeting and exceeding its customer's expectations in product quality. The company has made a top priority on trust-based partnerships with its customers.

 NORYA strives for customer satisfaction in high quality and low cost products through continual improvement.

 We operate mainly in the following fields:

>> Moulds and parts for daily necessity                      

>> Moulds and parts for automobile

>> Moulds and parts for electronics

>>Moulds and parts for medical and paramedical device

 NORYA capability:

>>products design: We recommend to customers the best product design, distinctive design to meet customer desire to break the shackles of mediocrity, lead to achieve success.

>>Mould design: The design of molds as a whole is executed by a complementary program and software MOLD FLOW, which has proved to be very reliable and complete for the design of molds and its components.

>>Mould manufacturing: The manufacturing and assembly of each single component of the mould is completely carried out in the in-house workshop, in strict cooperation with the Technical Department. Notable attention is paid to the choice of materials and thermal treatments, which considerably influence the duration and reliability of molds in time.

Skilled workers, who have gained at least 5 years of experience, are entrusted with the manufacturing of export molds

>>Molding: The Molding Department is organized for a 3 shift machining during the whole year ,can provide its customers with a quick and good service for the maintenance of their equipment and the reconstruction of parts of the mould; furthermore, it can execute possible required modifications. 

>>Surface processing: We have a good cooperative partner who has large dust-free screen printing shop, dust-free painting shop and clean UV production line, automatic screen printing machine, CNC carved machine, CNC cutting machine, testing equipment and infrastructure, with a team of experienced technical developers and production workers.

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